I am an artist so don’t try to understand me 🙂

I am an Architect by profession and am nomad by nature. My dad always tells me that I have wheels in my feet. It sounds better in my language “Kannada”. My artistic instincts always calls me to places to explore and get inspired from. After all, all the artists needs inspiration isn’t it? I have my little firm Preethi ARCHITECTS in Bangalore, India with my architect husband. I am a mother to an adorable, travel lover Ishta-Iusta, my daughter, my love 🙂

I started my architecture career when I was just 20 years old. Having a Diplome in Architecture, I was confident to set my style and I must say I have been very fortunate to have relaised some great projects.

2003, Ecole des Mines, France offered me Masters in Patrimony and architecture and working for the renowned Architect Le Corbusier on his last project, L’eglise de Firminy. The next year I was enrolled for PhD and after 6 years of research in my field I can proudly add the famous prefix next to my name Dr. Preethi ANANTH 🙂